ASICminer Zeon Turbo


  • 1pc ASICminer Zeon Turbo 400,000 Sol/s equivalents 400pcs GTX 1080 Ti 11GB (400,000 Sol/s).
  • 27 times lower Power Consumption and Heat Dissipation (2500W±10{ac73c0bc0b91713a045cab215f6f8ae588b223c7b48d023b7f7f846962a7885e}).
  • 10 times cheaper than 400pcs GTX 1080 Ti 11GB.


ASICminer Zeon Turbo

Buy ASICminer Zeon Turbo. Specialized power connectors are included with the ASICminer Zeon Turbo to provide better quality, dependability, and safe operation of the device. It employs Ethernet, a professional LAN cable with connections, for the network interface. The Zeon Turbo also features handles on the side and a foldable handle on top for convenience during transit.

The built-in high configuration Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) cards, with a matched case that is tailored, a standard rack, and other bits and pieces that enable high mining efficiency, are what give ASICminer devices an advantage. Their miners can work with numerous hashing methods and make more money thanks to this versatility. An application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miner is a machine made to mine cryptocurrencies rather than gold.

Silent Water Chilling

The biggest feature this miner has to offer is the ASICminer Zeon Turbo’s noiseless cooling system. Since each user must submerge a miner into the water to cool, this cooling method is superior and more economical. An efficient closed-loop cooling system that uses quiet high-pressure pumps to move water throughout the body makes this technique viable. With this cooling technique, noise levels are significantly lowered to roughly 47 dB. The device has an extended lifespan of about 50,000 working hours due to its cooling system.

The temperature

The device has an operating temperature range of 10°C to 45°C, and its weight of 27kg is reasonable considering all of its components. Its dimensions are 500mm x 500mm x 235mm.

Level of Noise

The noise level of the ASICminer Zeon Turbo, which is roughly 47dB, is another attractive feature. Its high processing speed and noiseless cooling technique enable the low noise level. To put it more clearly, the majority of miners operate in an environment where noise levels between 60 and 80 dB are typical of adult conversations, a busy city, and a vacuum sweeper. However, the Zeon Turbo has the added benefit of being practically noiseless at 47dB, making it suitable for usage in residential areas.




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