Antminer Z15 420 ksol/s Equihash miner



Manufacturer Goldshell
Model CK5 – CKB MINER 12 TH/S
Mineable coins CKB (Nervos)
Algorithm Eaglesong
Size 264 x 200 x 290 mm



Antminer Z15 420 ksol/s Equihash miner

Antminer Z15 420 ksol/s Equihash miner, Bitmain released their best selling Bitcoin miner, the Antminer S9, and it quickly became the most popular miner on the market. However, despite its popularity, the Antminer S9 had one major flaw that prevented it from being even more successful than it was – its noise levels were exceptionally high. In fact, they were so high that they prevented miners from being able to use them in most standard households without annoying their neighbours or roommates. Now, in 2019, Bitmain has finally released an updated version of the Antminer S9 – the Antminer S19 Pro!

What is the antminer s 19 j?

The Antminer S19 Pro is the world’s most powerful bitcoin miner. With a hash rate of 85,000 GH/s and a power consumption of 2540 watts, this equipment is designed for mining in the industrial level. It has advanced cooling features that can keep the device at optimal operating temperature with little noise.

How does it work?

The Antminer S19 Pro is the world’s first and most powerful bitcoin miner that does not use any ASIC chips. Instead, it utilizes a proprietary semiconductor that can reach speeds of up to 100GH/s, making it the fastest and most powerful mining device in the world.antminer s 19 j



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