Hardware Requirement
  • Total 12 graphics cards
    AMD graphics cards support a maximum of 12 cards.(driver 17.11.1 version later)
    NVIDIA graphics cards only support a maximum of 8 cards due to driver limitation.
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Power supply: 1200W x2 (depend on the power consumption of graphics cards)



8 GPU AMD MINING RIG graphics cards will be used to construct our rig. In this instance, eight is the ideal amount because motherboards with eight GPU slots don’t cost that much, and Windows functions well with eight GPUs. A motherboard with up to thirteen card slots is always available, but it costs more than the eight slot model and requires Linux installation in order to operate. We advise eight GPUs because of this.Because NVIDIA GPUs are more flexible, we suggest using them. They could function well with a variety of mining algorithms. Ethereum and other Ethash coins work best with AMD GPUs. Due to the continuously increasing size of Ethereum DAG files, we also advise purchasing GPUs with 8GB or more of RAM.


Examine the price-to-quality ratio while selecting your video cards. Please don’t hesitate to ask 2Miners support for guidance. By default, you could get an NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti, which is an excellent option for novices because it comes in a variety of brands and is universal, meaning it can be used with MTP, BeamHash, Equihash 144.5, Ethash, and Cockoo algorithms. Nonetheless, AMD GPUs typically perform better for CryptoNight mining. Avoid putting on the same system; if AMD is your preference, purchase 8 AMD GPUs; if NVIDIA is your preference, purchase 8 NVIDIA GPUs. These days, NVIDIA 1060 3GB is not very common.

Step-by-Step Construction of an Ethereum Mining Rig

Prior to installing the cooling fan and RAM, attach the CPU to the motherboard. Send a SATA cable to the SSD drive. One PSU will power everything; it will serve as the main unit. Mount only one GPU at this time.
Start your machine, select BIOS, and update to the most recent version—currently F4A. It is available for download on the Gigabyte website. Transfer the latest BIOS file to a USB flash drive in order to install it. If updating the BIOS appears difficult to you, please skip this step. Even with the factory firmware, the motherboard ought to function properly.



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