About Us


World BTC Mining Rigs is a U.S. based mining company that has been mining cryptocurrencies all over the glob for  Five years. Beginning with a 300 GPU setup and mining over 500 Ethereum per day, we’ve seen the industry develop and quickly weed out inefficient and expensive mining operations. The result of 2020’s bear-market was an opportunity to analyze and fortify our mining strategy, leading us to redirect our infrastructure towards mobilized deployments, allowing us to seek out extremely low-cost stranded or excess energy. Since our first mobile mining container deployment in December of 2018, we’ve established strong partnerships with North American utility providers and are actively deploying infrastructure to various power sites.

Excellent Support

World BTC Mining Rigs sets a high range for services and support. If there is anything we can do for you, our customer support is always available to make sure your BTC mining process is successful. Bitcoin mining is for everyone.

Fully Automated

World BTC Mining Rigs brings bitcoin hosting into the modern world by automating away unnecessary annoyances and provides you with an enjoyable hosting experience. We're there to facilitate and give you full option to mine Bitcoin in any part of the world.

Global Network

World BTC Mining Rigs sets you a unique network to mine at your convenience regardless to your country. Our mining system is international and our trading and mining methods are the most easy and interesting types.

Mining Simplified

World Bitcoin Mining Rigs believes decentralization is essential to maintain a strong and secure network. We do our part by allowing individual miners to mine all over the world and spread out hash rate.